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The Library of Alexandria
in your tiny feature phone.

Cast your mind back to just before the dawn of the mobile age...

Internet connectivity was uncommon and expensive. Mobile phones were tiny screened weaklings, and expensive.

We had a vision of our little candy bar mobile phone containing all the books ever published.

We settled for the all time top five hundred works that could be freely distributed.

BooksInMyPhone has been serving books since 2007. Since the advent of the smartphone BIMP has focused on delivering readily accessible free reading material to the developing nations. We plan to "keep the light on" to serve these communities indefinitely.

We run two sites, one for each of the mobile predawn methods of accessing the internet:

BooksInMyPhone for large screens. Here you can browse and download apps to 'side load' into a feature phone via micro-SD card, USB, Bluetooth, etc.

BooksInMyPhone mobile for tiny screens & WAP browsers. All the same book browsing functionality but with brutally pared down presentation.


Tired of Like Like Like?

In 1984 Orwell imagined 'newspeak'; where language was pared down so that unsanctioned thought was inexpressible. "Great" became plusgood and "greatest" plusgoodest, but Orwell didn't go as far as imagining the total removal of the negative.

Facebook only supports 'Like', sometimes that's just not enough to express your feelings - and in the light of Orwell maybe it's just a little sinister.

DisDatt will be a light weight browser plugin that overlays your Facebook pages with more expressions of opinion; including Dislike, NewToMe, Important, & PantsOnFire.

We currently have a proof of concept version that can be installed on Chrome browsers. Initially we opted for a set of emoticons to get a feel for usability but plan to extend into words and short phrases. The emoticon row at the bottom shows how tightly DisDat integrates with the FB experience, the '+' shows more emoticons.

Below you can see your own, ticked opinions and the total count for the community of users.

Race Day

Data vs Information.

Using chapters of Edward R Tuftee's Envisaging Information to re-imagine race results, a work in progress. Data vs Information

Escaping Flatland: "... is the essential task of envisaging information - for all the interesting worlds ... are invariably and happily multivariate". The race results include age, sex, rank, & finishing time presented as a simple rank table - a row of details for each ranked competitor. The data is present but the information is not apparent. We plot the competitors in a rank by time space, and use multiple instances (one per field) to overlay more dimensions.

Micro/Macro Readings: "to clarify, add detail". Each competitor is plotted, looked at as a whole the hidden patterns of the race are exposed. Each vertical pixel is a ranking from first down to last. Each horizontal pixel is a second in time since the race start. Each red dash is a single competitor. Details for individuals can be seen via an ever present 'cursor' tracking the mouse, individual name search, and multiple name search.

Layering and Separation: "confusion and clutter are failures of design, not attributes of information". Color & opacity are used to provide annotation and context to the competitors without creating distracting interactions or non-information. The metrics of the rank time space fade into the background while being ever present and available to the eye. Decile ranks are shown in a faded version of the competitor color.

Small Multiples: "At the heart of quantitative reasoning is a single question: Compared to what?" By using 'Filter the field' you can plot subgroups into the same space and compare qualitatively and quantitatively, for example just how competitive are men in their sixties? This is another aspect of our escape from flatland, each field we pull out and embed in the rank time space is a projection from the full multivariate underlying data.

Narratives of Space and Time: While there is nothing too surprising in plotting on a rank by time space, the sparse grid does help you see the information. After the freakish few you can see the first decile of competitors coming in about one every 4 seconds, then the next fifty percent at about one per second, and finally the exponential decay of the long tail.

Engines of Desire

Leader - Follower - Vendor value cycle.

A mobile centric micro publishing platform.

Trend setters, commentators, & thought leaders curate and publish small snippets that can be backed by retail calls to action.

Followers subscribe to publisher feeds, feeds of friends, and snippet tags. Followers use a Tinder style hot/not mechanism to drive collaborative social filtering that tune and prune their feeds.

Engines of Desire provides support for the four drivers of network effects; Connection, Content, Curation, & Clout.

In Development ...

Responsive Designs

Look good on phones and up.

The trends are clear. Mobile visits are inexorably rising. Today a poor mobile presentation will taint 1 in 4 visits.

Responsive Design crafts page layouts so they provide good viewing experience on large screens, tablets, & phones. A responsive layout provides readability and minimizes zooming, panning, and scrolling across all screen sizes. is responsive (try viewing from a few devices).

We will prepare some variations to show different possibilities based on the same content.

In Development ...


Find your dream home.

A Real Estate site which also supports creating custom micro portals. The portals can detail suburbs, developments, neighborhoods, etc. selling the community and environment of the property.

The site includes standard functionality like industry standard property XML feeds and searches. Integrated with WordPress for 'blog like' extension and maintenance by non-technical agent staff.

In Development ...

Mobile Ad Apps

with detailed metrics

Mobile Ad Apps are exploding. eMarketer expects mobile advertising to grow 83% to 18 Billion USD in 2014. Americans spend near 25% of their media time on mobile devices, but the current advertising spend is only 9.8%, so there is plenty of scope for growth.

The industry is moving away from small 'nuisance banners toward advertising content provided as an interactive web app, often appearing in social media update streams like publisher content.

As advertising moves away from the 'single serve' banner measuring user views and engagement becomes more complex, it is no longer enough to measure impressions and 'click through' advertisers need detailed information about how users 'navigated' the packaged content comprising the advertisements.

This example provides fine grained metrics on user engagement.

In Development ...

Language as a lens
Clausewitz, On War: "Sometimes quantity has a quality all it's own." One in ten with a smartphone mean no ecosystem, one in ten without a smartphone means now WhatsApp 16 Billion USD valuation 'makes sense'.
Edison: "What it boils down to is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration." Sometimes even a tiny kick can make all the difference, but without having put in the work you won't be ready for the kick.
Galileo Galilei: "Measure what is measurable, make measurable what is not." Online advertising spend in 2013 was 117 Billion USD. That spend is based on the ability of Google, Facebook, etc to measure audience behavior.
Hofstadter: "Meaning lies as much in the mind of the reader as in the Haiku." Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Skype, WhatsApp and many others benefit from the dynamic of network effects; the value to a user increases as more users join the network. Value lies as much in the users as in the service.

Edward Tuftee

Godfather of Data Visualization

Expert in presentation of informational graphics, charts, and diagrams. He funded the self publication of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information with a second mortgage on his home. Well known for PowerPoint Is Evil: Power Corrupts. PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely.

Douglas Hofstadter

Strange Loop

Author of the mind blowing Godel Escher Bach. Fearless explorer of consciousness, analogy-making, literary translation, physics and mathematics. He is pleased to have inspired people to take up computing and artificial intelligence, but has "no interest in computers".

Alan Turing

He of the test

WWII crypt-analyst breaking the German Enigma code. Mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher, computer scientist, mathematical biologist, and marathon & ultra distance runner. Provided our formalism of the concept of "algorithm" and "computation" with the "Turing Machine".